Melvindale Laundry

The "Melvindale Laundry" is the one-stop for all of your garment care needs. We offer clean, state-of-the-art do-it-yourself laundry facilities, professional wash/dry/fold laundry and expert dry cleaning services. Door to Door service is also available, saving you precious time and trouble.Business owners concerned with poor quality and lack of service should check out our commercial services.If you are a regular customer of the Melvinda Laundry you already know we treat you like royalty. Check our Newsletter / Special Offers page for additional savings. Open Monday to Saturday 9am. to 8pm. Sunday 7am to 8pm   

DIY Laundry

Wash/Dry/Fold Service

Dry Cleaning, Shirt Laundering and Specialty Dry Cleaning Services

Door to Door Services

Commercial Services

Special Offers


Do It Yourself
Door to Door
Dry Cleaning
Commercial Service
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